Quotatone Apportionment Methods

Balinski ML & Young HP (1979). Quotatone Apportionment Methods. Mathematics of Operations Research 4 (1): 31-38. DOI:10.1287/moor.4.1.31.

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The problem of apportionment is that of allocating an integer number of seats “proportionally” among a set of states or regions as a fraction of their populations. An apportionment method satisfies quota if it accords to each state the exactly proportional (rational) number of seats due it rounded up or rounded down. A method is house monotone if no state’s allocation goes down when the total number of seats to be distributed goes up.

This paper gives a simple characterization of all house monotone methods satisfying quota. Further, a manner of exposition is formulated which unites several key house monotone apportionment methods, thus showing clearly their connections.

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