Global maps and factors driving forest foliar elemental composition: the importance of evolutionary history

Vallicrosa, H., Sardans, J., Maspons, J., Zuccarini, P., Fernández‐Martínez, M., Bauters, M., Goll, D.S., Ciais, P., et al. (2021). Global maps and factors driving forest foliar elemental composition: the importance of evolutionary history. New Phytologist 10.1111/nph.17771. (In Press)

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Consistent information on the current elemental composition of vegetation at global scale and the variables that determine it is lacking. To fill this gap, we gathered a total of 30912 georeferenced records on woody plants foliar concentrations of N, P, and K from published databases, and produced global maps of foliar N, P and K concentrations for woody plants using neural networks at a resolution of 1 km2 . We used data for climate, atmospheric deposition, soil, and morphoclimatic groups to train the neural networks. Foliar N, P and K do not follow clear global latitudinal patterns but are consistent with the hypothesis of soil substrate age. We additionally built generalized linear mixed models to investigate the evolutionary history effect together with the effects of environmental effects. In this comparison, evolutionary history effects explained most of the variability in all cases (mostly >60%). These results emphasize the determinant role of evolutionary history in foliar elemental composition, which should be incorporated in upcoming dynamic global vegetation models.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Climate change; global map; leaf; neural networks; nitrogen; phosphorus; potassium
Research Programs: Advancing Systems Analysis (ASA)
Advancing Systems Analysis (ASA) > Exploratory Modeling of Human-natural Systems (EM)
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