Spatial Modeling of Vegetation Units for GIS-based Terrestrial Carbon Accounting in the Siberia-II Study Region

Knorr, D. (2007). Spatial Modeling of Vegetation Units for GIS-based Terrestrial Carbon Accounting in the Siberia-II Study Region. IIASA Interim Report. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: IR-07-005


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This study dealt with the development of spatial methods for generating a land cover database over the Siberia-II study region in Central Siberia, for the purpose of full terrestrial carbon accounting. Hierarchical decision rules were developed specifically for this boreal region to indicate vegetation distribut and relied mainly on satellite derived datasets such as land cover, digital elevation models, Vegetation Continuous Fields, and a disturbance dataset, as well as a soil database. The resulting spatially-based description consists of vegetation units, which are homogenous in vegetation composition and stand conditions and therefore in above-ground carbon content (living biomass) and rates of CO2-absorption (Net Primary Production/NPP). This spatial vegetation model is part of a regionalization system for IIASAs Geographic Information System (GIS)-based landscape ecosystem model for full terrestrial greenhouse gas accounting.

Traditionally, satellite-based approaches to vegetation classification over large areas rely upon one main input dataset, and the use of trained algorithms for classification. Results from this study indicate that an automated approach, which combines a priori information specific to a region, greatly enhances the value of the final result. Results from this study could be applied to other large boreal regions with modifications, and the techniques developed here could be further tested.

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