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Bernstein, L., Bosch, P., Canziani, O., Chen, Z., Christ, R. & Riahi, K. (2008). IPCC, 2007: Climate Change 2007: Synthesis Report. Geneva: IPCC. ISBN 2-9169-122-4


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van Vuuren, D.P., Meinshausen, M., Plattner, G.-K., Joos, F., Riahi, K., Chesnaye, F. de la, Elzen, M.G.J. den, Fujino, J., Jiang, K., Nakicenovic, N., Paltsev, S. & Reilly, J. (2008). Temperature increase of 21st century mitigation scenarios. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (40): 15258-15262. DOI:10.1073/pnas.0711129105.

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Zhang, L., Nie, G., Ma, T., Liu, F. & Shi, Y. (2008). An intelligent process-oriented knowledge management system between human, process and knowledge. In: Proceedings, 9th International Symposium on Knowledge and Systems Sciences, 11-12 December.

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