7 Shocks and Finland

Casti, J.L. & Ilmola, L. (2012). 7 Shocks and Finland. Project Report, IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria (February 2012)

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Welcome to a world of uncertainties!

This report presents the materials, analyses and conclusions produced during the Seven Shocks and Finland project, an activity of IIASA Exploratory Projects in June -December 2011. The primary objective of the project was to investigate the nature of the uncertainties and the resilience requirements that emerge from the complexity of the global social, political, economic and social systems. The shocks ( which were created at IIASA) presented in this document were the instruments to serve that purpose, and should not be seen as fully-developed, stand-alone research cases.

Our ambition was to examine resilience requirements from a decision makers' perspective, and to define concrete actions and examples to improve national resilience. We wish to extend a special thanks to the six ministries, five government agencies and public sector operators, four industrial federations and three Finnish companies that provided both intellectual and financial support for this study. We are also very pleased to acknowledge the virtual contributions of nearly 300 experts, especially in providing the critical and creative input for the November 24-25 analysis session at IIASA. This input was crucial to the success of the project.

From the methodological perspective, the project was extremely successful. We hope that the policy principles and concrete actions and examples presented in this report are useful as raw material for resilience planning, both at the national and the organizational level.

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