Introduction to Energy Strategy Reviews theme issue "Nuclear energy today & strategies for tomorrow"

Rogner, H.-H. ORCID: & Weijermars, R. (2013). Introduction to Energy Strategy Reviews theme issue "Nuclear energy today & strategies for tomorrow". Energy Strategy Reviews 1 (4) 219-220. 10.1016/j.esr.2013.01.005.

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Finding the optimum energy supply system is one of the aims of energy strategy research and nuclear energy is a much debated real option. Proponents of nuclear energy argue that there are no technologies without risks and that nuclear power is needed for meeting growing energy demand in the emerging economies to fuel their industrialization and for mitigating climate change globally. For nuclear proponents, nuclear power is here to stay. Opponents of the technology view the Fukushima event as the ultimate proof that severe nuclear accidents can occur and are not just a remote risk. In their view, nuclear power represents socially unacceptably high risks and must be phased-out - the sooner the better. Governments must find a way to balance their power supply systems and select and decide on the trade-offs between environmental protection, energy security, economic development and the risks and benefits of nuclear power, while taking into account the various public perceptions. This issue of Energy Strategy Reviews assembles a series of articles that could help inform decision makers about relevant nuclear energy strategies - from phase-out to expansion.

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Bibliographic Reference: Energy Strategy Reviews; 1(4):219-220 (May 2013) (Published online 20 March 2013)
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