Possible Climatic Consequences of a Man-Made Global Warming

Flohn, H. (1979). Possible Climatic Consequences of a Man-Made Global Warming. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-79-086

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There is increasing concern about man's impact on climate. Studying this problem one comes to realize that this influence is not so much felt as a variation of the average values of global climate, such as temperature and pressure. Of concern is instead a change in the climatological patterns, with the average values changing very little.

Actually this could be a change in rainfall patterns, for example. Among other effects, increasing levels of carbon dioxide could cause a man-made global warming.

While it is impossible to determine such changes in climate patterns given the present state of the art, we consider it perhaps useful to study the changes that occurred in the climate patterns of the past. Today's highly sophisticated knowledge in paleometeorology allows to undertake such a venture -- a research activity that may also be crucial for our understanding of the forthcoming CO2 problem.

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