Notes on Fission Energy

Cohen, K. (1979). Notes on Fission Energy. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-79-072

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Dr. Karl Cohen, Palo Alto, worked at IIASA on the Energy Systems Program from April 8, 1978 to June 10, 1978. During that period, he was associated with the nuclear energy activity of the Program, and did some drafting of the nuclear chapter for the IIASA book "Energy in a Finite World". Parts of his drafts have persisted through the many revisions and reorganizations of that chapter, and are attributed to him. This working paper records the material that he drafted, and from which his contributions are cited.

The only editorial changes that have been made have been deletions of references that are not easily checked at IIASA, of cross references to the other parts of the book as it was conceived during Cohen's time at IIASA, and of material introducing topics which were not yet ready for presentation. The editor (B.I. Spinrad) hopes that, with this editing, the paper published here cane be read in the spirit of observations by a senior nuclear scientist (Cohen) on a set of related nuclear topics.

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