What Science Can Tell Us: Forest Bioenergy for Europe

Pelkonen, P., Mustonen, M., Asikainen, A., Egnell, G., Kant, P., Leduc, S., & Petenella, S. (2014). What Science Can Tell Us: Forest Bioenergy for Europe. Joensuu: European Forestry Institute. ISBN 978-952-5980-11-0

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The importance of forest bioenergy in Europe has gained more focus than before because of the European Union.s renewable energy policy and its climate change mitigation objectives, in particular. Moreover, energy security issues, rural policies as well as income and employment generation related to bioenergy production have all played important roles.

As forest bioenergy is a multifaceted and complex issue, there is a continuous need for evidence-based information that helps better understand the many-sided opportunities and impacts of forest bioenergy in Europe. Moreover, this information can help direct forest bioenergy along environmentally and economically efficient routes while avoiding unwanted detours. The newly published report "Forest Bioenergy for Europe" helps to address these needs and at the same time provide valuable insights.

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