Mid-Project Observations from a Study of Strategic Monitoring in Health Care

Cantley, M.F. (1979). Mid-Project Observations from a Study of Strategic Monitoring in Health Care. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-79-057

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Within the research program of IIASA's Management and Technology Area, the subject of Program Management has been defined as "the general problem of translating ideal, multidimensional goals into achievable goals, and devising the necessary mechanisms for achieving this in a complex organizational situation". Strategic planning and control for health care is an example of such a problem. Since early 1978, research has been conducted in co-operation with the U.K. authorities into some aspects of the implementation of the systematic strategic planning system initiated in 1976 by the ministry responsible, the Department of Health and Social Security. The research has concentrated on the subject of strategic control, or "monitoring".

The study is still in progress, but this paper describing "mid-project observations" illustrates the need for monitoring, describes some research and ideas contributing towards more effective monitoring, and suggests some of the difficulties facing its further development. The work is set in the specific terms of a particular service in one country; but the issues involved are of universal significance, for the development of systems by which large-scale public programs can "learn", gradually but systematically, in a long cyclic progress.

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