An Integrated Approach for Improving Decision-Making Processes

Seo, F. (1979). An Integrated Approach for Improving Decision-Making Processes. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-79-054

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Decision-making processes generally have multiple purposes and are made under uncertainty. The objectives are usually noncommensurable and in conflict with one another. The processes are composed of two phases, analytical and judgmental. For treating the analytical phase, mathematical optimization methods such as mathematical programming are efficiently applied. The Nesting method of Lagrangian Multipliers is one device intended to bridge the gap between both phases of decisionmaking processes. IIASA's System and Decision Science Area has been very involved with multiobjective decision problems. Especially in the Task on Economic Planning and Resource Allocation methodological development for a multicriteria decision-making process has been strongly intended., This study can be seen as one of several introductory and tentative works in this direction. The result will be presented at the International Conference on the Environment: Methods and Strategy for Integrated Development, September 23-29, 1979, Arlon, Belgium.

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