Coal - Issues for the Eighties

Eddington, J., Stachowicz, J., & Tomlinson, R. (1979). Coal - Issues for the Eighties. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-79-044

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This paper summarizes the proceedings of the inaugural meeting to establish a new international collaborative project for the coal industry -- the first IIASA Industry Study to be carried out under the generic title of "Issues for the Eighties". The purpose of this paper is to provide information for those who may be interested in the project to understand what has so far been done, and what the value may be of cooperation.

It may be worth saying something about the general concept lying behind the IIASA Industry Studies. The purpose of these is to bring together representatives of the same industry from many countries, to identify the key issues which the industry faces over the next ten years, to identify the way in which systems analysis can assist in the major policy and investment decisions, and to engage in a collaborative program of information exchange and research. IIASA's role is essentially catalytic. It is our task to identify needs, and seek to create the conditions in which they can be satisfied. Its unique international -- but nongovernmental -- position in the systems analysis field, and the fact that it works in so many fields of concern to industry (Energy, Resources, Environment, Manpower and Health, Management, Technology, etc.,) makes it an ideal base for a creative exchange of information methods and ideas. Funding limitations restrict the amount of research that it can undertake but, in any case, the knowledge and research skills lie within the industry itself. The fact that the work will be collaborative is fundamental to its success, which we hope will result in better information and an improved methodology for those involved in policy decisions.

Up to the present, two such industry studies have been set in motion, one in coal and another in the forestry/forest product industry. The reasons for selecting the coal industry, and the general background to the study, are set out in Appendix A which was sent out in advance to participants at the inaugural meeting held at IIASA in March 1979. A brief report of that meeting, together with recommendations for future action follow. Various supporting documents are set out in the Appendices.

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