The Inforum-IIASA International System of Input-Output Models

Almon, C. (1979). The Inforum-IIASA International System of Input-Output Models. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-79-022

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Today's economies depend heavily on one another through international trade. To model them properly, the models need to depend on one another. For the models to work together, they must observe similar conventions for input and output of data, and ways of specifying alternative futures must be similar. At the same time, economies are very different and the models describing them must have much freedom for diversity in internal structure.

These simple ideas are the foundation of a gradually evolving consortium of input-output models and their builders. By working together, much time can be saved by avoiding repetitious programming and very little freedom lost in model specification. What could never be done by one group may perhaps be accomplished together.

Models are presently available for Japan, the United States, Canada, Belgium, France, the Federal Republic of Germany, and Britain. Models of Hungary and the Netherlands are under construction. Groups in Austria, South Korea, Sweden, Finland, and the German Democratic Republic expect to begin work on members of the family in the near future.

This paper describes the steps in the construction of a national model in this family; it explains how scenarios may be specified and shows typical structures of the real and the price sides of these models. The plan for the international linking system is explained and progress towards its realization described.

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