Health Care Systems Modelling at IIASA: A Status Report

Shigan, E.N., Hughes, D.J., & Kitsul, P.I. (1979). Health Care Systems Modelling at IIASA: A Status Report. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-79-008

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The focus of the Human Settlements and Services Area at. IIASA is people -- their number and geographical distribution, their needs and demands for resources and services, and their impact on the environment. Research in the Area is divided into three themes: urban systems management, human resources and services, and human settlement systems. This report describes work that has been carried out up to the Fall of 1978 by the Health Care Systems , Modeling Task, representing the human resources and services theme. It focuses in particular on the submodels that have been developed and tested, and on the collaboration that has been established with similar research teams in a number of countries around the world.

Governmental policies in all countries strongly influence the medical services available to society. It is therefore essential that decisionmakers be aware of changing demands and needs for health resources and services. In the light of this, the HCS Modeling Task has set a goal of creating a model that will assist national decisionmakers in their policy formation. This model consists of a number of linked submodels dealing with various related topics from population growth to resource allocation. . Some of these submodels have already been tested, and collaborating national research centers have started to implement them with their own data. The resulting experience of the past several years is described in this review prepared by members of the HCS Modeling group. By sharing our aims and achievements with a wider audience, we hope to facilitate future international collaborative work on this research.

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