Proceedings of Task Force Meeting I on Regional Development Planning for the Silistra Region (Bulgaria)

Andersson, A.E. & Philipov, D. (1979). Proceedings of Task Force Meeting I on Regional Development Planning for the Silistra Region (Bulgaria). IIASA Collaborative Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: CP-79-007

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Regional policy problems are universal. This means that all countries need good methods for analyzing and solving their regional problems. Models for regional policy making and planning have also been worked out in scientific institutions. It is obvious that these abstract models are often not specific enough to be used in policy making but have to be adapted to the institutional, historical and natural conditions of the specific region to be planned. It is one of the ambitions with the Silistra regional case study, reported in this volume, to test the possibility of applying regional policy models, developed in Bulgaria, at IIASA and elsewhere, to the solution of the Silistra development problems.

Some of the models suggested for the Silistra case study are presented in this volume. These models should, however, not be viewed in isolation but as parts of a general systems approach. The papers by M. Albegov and A. Andersson/A. La Bella give examples of possible systems approaches to integration of regional policy models into a consistent system.

This volume basically contains papers on model design. Few papers report on actual use of the models in applications for policy making. The application of these models is planned to be reported in later Task Force Proceedings, when the work has progressed into a stage of close cooperation with the decision makers and national economy planners of the Silistra region. We also have the ambition to come to a stage of generalization of the modeling experiences gained in this case study so that other countries can benefit from the experiences gained in the Silistra case study.

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