Natural gas trade in Europe and interactive decision analysis

Messner, S. (1986). Natural gas trade in Europe and interactive decision analysis. In: Large-Scale Modelling and Interactive Decision Analysis. Eds. Fandel, G., Grauer, M., Kurzhanski, A., & Wierzbicki, A., pp. 291-302 Berlin/Heidelberg, Germany: Springer. ISBN 978-3-662-02473-7 10.1007/978-3-662-02473-7_29.

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The IIASA International Gas Study focuses on the development of the European energy system with special emphasis on the evolution of the natural gas market. The competitiveness of natural gas in the various energy end-use markets, resource availability, long term gas supply options and implications on international trade are investigated. Studying natural gas trade requires the analysis of complex decision problems with several interest groups involved.

In the next chapters an outline of the International Gas Study performed at IIASA is given, followed by a description of the overall methodological approach used to model the development of the energy system. In particular the setup of the Gas Trade Model (GATE) and some findings are presented. This Gas Trade Model is based on the decision support system DID ASS [1], which is applied to simulate the decisions of the partners involved in international gas trade in Europe. It turned out to be very instrumental in the investigation of different strategies regarding the future development of gas trade.

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