Location of productive activities as a task of systems analysis

Albegov, M. (1978). Location of productive activities as a task of systems analysis. In: Systems Analysis Applications to Complex Programs. Eds. Cichocki, K. & Straszak, Andrzej, pp. 13-17 UK: Pergamon Press. ISBN 978-0-08-022029-1 10.1016/B978-0-08-022029-1.50008-9.

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This chapter describes the location of productive activities as a task of systems analysis. The main aim of the location of productive forces is to influence a regional economy in a desirable direction with the goal of obtaining the best results for the country as a whole. This influence may touch many problems of regional economy. The problems include the choice of the growth rate of regional economy in comparison with other regions of the country, and the search of the best method of regional economy development that takes into account such problems as present conditions of environment protection, insufficiency of the service system, and underdevelopment of some part of regional economy. More important data of productive forces development and location in each region are calculated with the help of an interregional intersectoral model, holding nonproductive consumption and capital investment as exogenous. The whole scheme of calculation is dependent, most importantly, on the character of expenditures for resources.

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