Energy and Entropy Fluxes in Coal Gasification and Liquefaction Processes

Voigt, H. (1980). Energy and Entropy Fluxes in Coal Gasification and Liquefaction Processes. IIASA Research Report. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: RR-80-020

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In the long-term studies on energy systems performed at IIASA, scenarios that provide for substitutes for fossil oil and gas are considered. In the future coal is expected to contribute to energy supplies to a greatly increasing extent only if it is converted to liquid or gaseous fuels or electricity. Coal conversion systems are rather complex, not only internally but also with respect to their exchanges with the environment; some use auxiliary energy, others yield byproducts. Therefore, the evaluation of such systems is not a simple task and the comparison of very different systems -- different in the nature of inputs and outputs -- must not be reduced to a comparison of energy efficiencies.

Moreover, because these studies cover a long time period, it is necessary to estimate the potential development of related processes in order to determine the inputs required for producing substitute fuels. There are physical and chemical limitations to potential improvement. This paper outlines these constraints and provides means for the evaluation and comparison of different fuel synthesis processes, especially regarding methanol. The possibility of adding energy from nuclear or solar primary energy sources to such processes is discussed and the advantages are assessed.

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