Analysis of water policies in regions with intense agriculture

van Walsum, P.E.V. & Orlovsky, S.A. (1985). Analysis of water policies in regions with intense agriculture. Annual Review in Automatic Programming 12 245-249. 10.1016/0066-4138(85)90373-8.

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In many rural areas, agricultural activities (including factory farming) conflict with the interests of other users of the environment, and also cause a deterioration of the biological quality of the environment itself. The study to which this paper refers is focused on the analysis of regional regulation policies providing for a satisfactory balance between socio-economic development and evaluation of the environment in the long run. Methodologically, it is based on the use of a two-stage decomposition approach, which includes scenario analysis in the first stage and policy analysis in the second. In this paper a brief outline is given of the scenario analysis module and the way it can be used as part of an interactive decision support model system.

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