Geographical maps on forest die-off, driven by dynamic models

Grossmann, W.-D. & Schaller, J. (1986). Geographical maps on forest die-off, driven by dynamic models. Ecological Modelling 31 (1-4) 341-353. 10.1016/0304-3800(86)90074-8.

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The approach presented here is management- and action-oriented, with a wide applicability. Its base is a hierarchical concept, which helps in dealing with uncertainty and which synthesises spatial and dynamic methods. In this application, the results are ‘time-series’ of geographical maps that depict the past, present and future development of forest die-off. The approach was used to evaluate most hypotheses on forest die-off, to evaluate most suggested damage-control policies, and it helps in the continuous monitoring of their effectiveness. The approach is confirmed in practice.

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