Variational inequalities revisited

Aubin, J.-P. (1986). Variational inequalities revisited. In: Aspects of Mathematics and its Applications. Eds. Barroso, J.A., pp. 135-143 Amsterdam, The Netherlands: North-Holland. ISBN 978-0-444-87727-7 10.1016/S0924-6509(09)70253-3.

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This chapter solves the variational inequalities (or generalized equations). The chapter defines the lack of boundedness of K that is measured by its barrier cone, b(K). The degree of monotonicity of A is measured by a non-negative proper lower semicontinuous function β from X to ∪{+∞}. The chapter proves that the set-valued map A is β-monotone. The chapter denotes its conjugate function by β. The theorems that help to measure the degree of monotonicity of A through the size of the domain of β, that is, the larger Dom β, and the more monotone is A, are also discussed in the chapter.

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