Climate-induced water availability changes in Europe

Brouwer, F. & Falkenmark, M. (1989). Climate-induced water availability changes in Europe. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 13 (1) 75-98. 10.1007/BF00398737.

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Water availability changes in Europe are discussed in this paper, as seen in a perspective of climatic change. Such changes will be assessed in terms of the shifts in the watering of terrestrial ecosystems, as well as the shifts in the availability in terrestrial freshwater systems. A changing climate will have a major impact on the availability of water. Both wetter and drier conditions will have major implications for societal activities and land use patterns (e.g., agriculture, urban activities, waste water disposal, etc.). Some future research and monitoring activities are proposed by the authors to assess linkages in hydrological shifts to changes in land use patterns.

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