Lake Balaton Eutrophication Study: Present Status and Future Program

Straten, G. van & Somlyody, L. (1980). Lake Balaton Eutrophication Study: Present Status and Future Program. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-80-187

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The deterioration of lakes' water quality due to artificial eutrophication is a typical symptom of our civilization. To stop this process and to improve the water quality in an economical way requires a systematic and coordinated analysis of many disciplines. The recognition of this fact related to Lake Balaton, one of the primary touristic resorts of Hungary and the largest shallow lake in Middle-Europe, initiated IIASA and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 1978 to establish a cooperative research on the development of ecological models and their practical application to the lake. In addition, it was felt that not only a contribution can be given to solve the problem of the Lake Balaton region but the methodologies developed can be generalized for other shallow lakes which represent, in general, a less studies field compared to deep lakes. Since it was also aimed to consider the water quality management problem (besides the understanding and description in lake processes), all the activities should be replaced to an optimization framework: one more aspect of general interest.

During the first half of the study many results were achieved. First of all, the establishment of a data base, the development of ecological models, and the increasing interaction among modeling, experimental work, and further data collection should be emphasized. Deriving from the nature of the problem, the modeling of the nutrient loading and water quality management is only at present in a progressing state and in the future, mainly, the activities of these fields should be strengthened.

The objective of the authors was to outline the present state of the cooperative research and define the activities planned for the future. This publication is closely related to the earlier background report CP-79-13 and jointly, they summarize all the important information related to the project. Also, the present paper can play a basic role in promoting and harmonizing the further research in the frame of the Case Study.

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