Immunology and disease control: a systems approach

Asachenkov, A.L., Marchuk, G.I., Mohler, R.R., & Zuev, S.M. (1994). Immunology and disease control: a systems approach. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 41 (10) 943-953. 10.1109/10.324526.

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The application of system theory (or more precisely, differential equations) to immunology and disease, in general, is presented here. Particular results from U.S.-Russian research collaboration depict the potential role of such systematic analysis for more effective health care and disease control. In particular, some emphasis is given to control of influenza. After a brief systematic overview of immunology, a simple infectious disease model is developed to explain four basic forms of disease: subclinical, acute, lethal and chronic. Then, disease treatment is studied.

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