Sassin, W. (1987). Comment. In: The Economics of Choice between Energy Sources. Eds. Maillet, P., Hague, D., & Rowland, C., pp. 45-50 Germany: Springer Berlin/Heidelberg. ISBN 978-1-349-18624-2 10.1007/978-1-349-18624-2_3.

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By addressubg the interface between the general economy and the energy activities that form a specific own right, Professor Maillet’s paper touches a crucial issue that is relevant throughout this conference, and, in fact, far beyond. And comparison of alternative energy forms or comparison, whether costs, availability, pollution potential, etc. A particular choise reflects a particilar viewpoint within the general economy. In most cases thes viewpoints are implicit, unreflected and introduced via ad hoc preferences for certain criteria.

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