Effects of monsoon variability on agriculture

Parry, M.L., Carter, T.R., & Konijn, N.T. (1988). Effects of monsoon variability on agriculture. In: The Impact of Climatic Variations on Agriculture. pp. 523-536 Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer. ISBN 978-94-009-2965-4 10.1007/978-94-009-2965-4_25.

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In the tropics the most important climatic element for agriculture is rainfall. The dependence of Indian agriculture on monsoon rainfall is well known (Swaminathan, 1983); in fact, the Indian economy has been described as a gamble on the monsoon rains. We thus expect any climatic change involving a large-scale change in rainfall to have a significant impact on agricultural productivity. However, as pointed out in Section 1, there is no evidence for long-term increasing or decreasing rainfall, either for the Indian region as a whole or for meteorological subdivisions of the country. Thus, in the Indian context, it is more pertinent to analyze impacts of climatic variability rather than of climatic change.

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