Long range transport of heavy metals from Poland computed by an Eulerian model

Bartnicki, J. (1991). Long range transport of heavy metals from Poland computed by an Eulerian model. In: Air Pollution Modeling and Its Application VIII. pp. 339-348 New York, USA: Springer. ISBN 978-1-4615-3720-5 10.1007/978-1-4615-3720-5_29.

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The modeling activity on the long range transport of air pollutants has been mainly focused on sulfur and nitrogen oxides for the past several years. Compared to sulfur and nitrogen, much less development can be noticed in modeling long range transport of heavy metals. The existing models were designed either for computing transport of heavy metals into the Baltic and the North Sea (Grasl et al., 1989; Krell and Roeckner, 1988; Jaarsveld et al., 1986), or to the Arctic (Pacyna and Ottar, 1985; Pacyna et al., 1985, 1989). Except Jaarsveld’s climatologic approach and the stochastic model of Krell and Roeckner, the above models are of Lagrangian type based on the trajectory computations. Another climatologic model (Alcamo et al., 1990) was designed to compute long range transport of heavy metals in Europe but because of the resolution of the climatologie data, there might be some difficulties to run it for the transport period shorter than one year.

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