Schneider, C.M. (1994). Introduction. In: Research and Development Management: From the Soviet Union to Russia. pp. 1-9 Germany: Physica-Verlag HD. ISBN 978-3-662-30372-6 10.1007/978-3-662-30372-6_1.

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An excerpt from a book on the logic of a planned economy illustrates how the author, Pawel Dembinski, interestingly formulates the perception of the average man in the street in a centrally planned economy:

There’s no unemployment, and yet nobody works.

Nobody works, and yet the plan gets fulfilled.

The plan gets fulfilled, and yet there’s never anything in the shops.

There’s never anything in the shops, and yet every fridge is full.

Every fridge is full, and yet everyone complains.

Everyone complains, and yet the same people keep getting elected.

[Dembinski, 1991, p. xiii]

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