A Mathematical Framework for the Japanese Agricultural Model

Onishi, H.H. (1980). A Mathematical Framework for the Japanese Agricultural Model. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-80-156

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Understanding the nature and dimension of the food problem and the policies available to alleviate it has been the focal point of the IIASA Food and Agriculture Program since it began in 1977.

National food systems are highly interdependent, and yet the major policy options exist at the national level. Therefore, to explore these options, it is necessary both to develop policy models for national economies and to link them together by trade and capital transfers. For greater realism, the models in this scheme of analysis are being kept descriptive, rather than normative. In the end it is proposed to link models of twenty countries, which together account For nearly 80 per cent of important agricultural attributes such as area, production, population, exports, imports and so on.

In this paper Dr. Onishi describes a mathematical framework for an agricultural policy model for Japan.

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