Introduction: Controlling Emissions in the Longer Run- The Role of Technology

Capros, P., Mantzos, L., Criqui, P., Kouvaritakis, N., Ramirez, A.S., Schrattenholzer, L., & Vouyoukas, E.L. (1999). Introduction: Controlling Emissions in the Longer Run- The Role of Technology. In: Climate Technology Strategies 1. pp. 49-51 Germany: Physica-Verlag HD. ISBN 978-3-642-58679-8 10.1007/978-3-642-58679-8_4.

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This part of the volume deals with technology and policy options to tackle the problem of rising emissions in the period to 2010. It was seen in the first part of this volume that, under baseline assumptions, CO2 emission was likely to grow substantially in the period to 2010. Even in Europe emissions were projected to increase by almost 8% above their level of 1990. Yet over the past couple of years there has been a great deal of debate on how to reduce emissions even in the medium term. This debate reached a turning point in the Kyoto Conference on climate change where all developed regions of the world undertook firm commitments and set targets for reductions in CO2 emissions by 2010. The European Union agreed to decrease the CO2 emissions in 2010 by 8% compared to the level of emissions in 1990. This would involve a reduction of nearly 16% when compared to the level of emission projected for that year under baseline assumptions.

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