The object-oriented problem solving environment ARK-concept and first experience

Gabrisch, W, Grauer, M., & Pollmer, L. (1986). The object-oriented problem solving environment ARK-concept and first experience. In: Large-Scale Modelling and Interactive Decision Analysis. pp. 215-221 Germany: Springer Berlin/Heidelberg. ISBN 978-3-662-02473-7 10.1007/978-3-662-02473-7_22.

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In the field of MCDM (Multiple Criteria Decision Making) we have now the situation that there exist several different conceptual approaches with a similar number of computer implementations (software packages). One of the authors took part in this development by contributing to the DIDASS- methodology (Grauer, Lewandowski and Wierzbicki, 1984). But we feel that now there is not so much a need for extending these existing software packages (supporting decision making processes), nor for writing new and more complex programs. But we should integrate the needed parts from the quantity of good software to a new problem solving environment which could represent a new level of quality in this area. This integration process should have the target to support ail stages of a problem solving process like modeling, simulation, optimization and evaluation of solutions. This view is substantiated by the statement of T. Winograd about programming systems (Winograd, 1979): “We get swamped by the complexity of large systems, lost in code written by others, and mystified by the behavior of our almost debugged systems”.

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