Innovation, Efficiency and the Quantitative and Qualitative Demand for Labor

Maier, H. (1980). Innovation, Efficiency and the Quantitative and Qualitative Demand for Labor. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-80-138

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In the past few years the main concern of the economist's analytical work has been more the better use of natural resources, rather than that of human resources. Most of us are more immediately concerned about the shortage of energy than about the shortage of ideas, and the individual and institutional capabilities to overcome this shortage. But most of our natural resource problems are only a reflection of deeper problems, problems occurring through a significant lack of social and technological innovation which hinders the capability of human beings to solve the problems that are facing us at the present time. This is why the relationship between human resources and social and technological innovation is so critical. This relationship is currently challenged through the following issues: (1) The growing imbalance between natural and human resources in different world regions. (2) The inadequacy of technology for the better use of human resources, especially in the developing countries. (3) The social inability to coordinate the innovation cycle of basic and improvement innovations as barriers for the better use of human resources. (4) The necessity to improve the quality of human resources and to create the right conditions for their better use (H. Maier, 1979).

This paper would like to focus on the following three problems: (1) Innovation, human resources and efficiency. (2) Innovation and the employment effect of investment. (3) Improvement in the quality of human resources and their better use.

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