IIASA Arctic Futures Initiative And Finland, Country Of/On Extremes?

Reissell, A. (2016). IIASA Arctic Futures Initiative And Finland, Country Of/On Extremes? Geoinformatics Research Papers 4 (BS4002) 10.2205/2016BS04Sochi.

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Project: Arctic Futures Initiative (AFI)


The current situation in the Arctic reflects the complex interplay between environmental and social sustainability, as well as economic development in the midst of human influences such as growing population pressures and the impacts of climate change. Decision makers, of all types and at all scales, need to reconcile continued economic development within the Arctic while safeguarding environmental and socio-cultural values and livelihoods.

The goal of IIASA Arctic Futures Initiative (AFI) is a holistic integrated assessment, including a decision-support process and science diplomacy that contribute to informed decision-making about sustainable development in the Arctic. Holistic is herein defined as international, interdisciplinary, and inclusive.

Within the decision-support process we integrate stakeholder perspectives, geospatial data (socio-economic and biophysical), and governance analyses. This systems analysis approach further involves plausible futures that are designed to balance economic prosperity, environmental protection and societal wellbeing over time frames that address realistic risks.

The AFI will prioritize an integrated Arctic science agenda by engaging relevant local, science, policy, and business communities in a collaborative and inclusive environment.
Deliverables from the integrated assessments, the decision-support process, and the science diplomacy enable to create future options, without advocacy. The outcomes support policy makers by helping them better understand a range of options and alternatives and the potential consequences of implementation based on those options.

This presentation gives an introduction of the AFI. The seed for the Arctic Futures Initiative was planted in a seminar on policy support for research, organized by the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office, the Academy of Finland, and IIASA.

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Additional Information: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE “Data Intensive System Analysis for Geohazard Studies” (Session 4. Climate, geophysical and ecological extremes in the Arctic region) 18–21 July 2016, Sochi region, Mountain cluster, Russia http://sochi2016.gcras.ru
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