RAMOS: A Model of Health Care Resource Allocation in Space

Mayhew, L.D. & Taket, A. (1980). RAMOS: A Model of Health Care Resource Allocation in Space. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-80-125

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This paper sets out the background and initial results of a resource allocation model called RAMOS. It was developed to explore the consequences on hospitalization rates resulting from one or more of the following: hospital building programs, treatment trends in in-patient care, population changes, or transport developments affecting the accessibility of the population to health care supply. For decision makers the control variables in the model are principally the resource levels in each geographical area of in-patient treatment. A typical question as asked of the model might be: what rearrangement of health care facilities would redress the regional imbalance in health care provision? RAMOS takes as inputs the current or projected morbidity in each area of the region (based on the sex and age structure of the population), a 'test' configuration of health care facilities, and data on patient accessibility. It then outputs the anticipated hospitalization rates by area of residence (admissions per 1000), and other information, so enabling the evaluation of many different allocation plans by the decision maker.

RAMOS is a behavioral model based on extensive data relating to southeast England, an area containing 13.5 million people. It represents a continuation of the work begun in the Department of Health and Social Security in 1979. RAMOS is especially suited to applications in rapidly changing regions, crowded urban settlements, and wherever the locations of health care facilities or of other types of service provision is an important issue.

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