Energy and Air Pollution: World Energy Outlook Special Report 2016

OECD, IEA, IIASA (2016). Energy and Air Pollution: World Energy Outlook Special Report 2016. International Energy Agency,Paris, France

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WEO 2016 SR: Contribution to the IEA’s 2016 World Energy
Outlook Special Report on Energy and Air Pollution (IIASA Contract No. 16-106)

- Around 6.5 million premature deaths each year can be attributed to air pollution
- Energy production and use are by far the largest man-made sources of air pollutants
- Technologies to tackle air pollution are well known

Clean air is vital for good health. Yet despite growing recognition of this imperative, the problem of air pollution is far from solved in many countries, and the global health impacts risk intensifying in the decades to come.

The scale of the public health crisis caused by air pollution and the importance of the energy sector to its resolution are the reasons why the IEA is focusing on this critical topic for the first time.

Based on new data for pollutant emissions in 2015 and projections to 2040, this special report, the latest in the World Energy Outlook series, provides a global outlook for energy and air pollution as well as detailed profiles of key countries and regions: the United States, Mexico, the European Union, China, India, Southeast Asia and Africa.

In a Clean Air Scenario, the report proposes a pragmatic and attainable strategy to reconcile the world’s energy requirements with its need for cleaner air. Alongside the multiple benefits to human health, this strategy shows that resolving the world’s air pollution problem can go hand-in-hand with progress towards other environmental and development goals.

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