Recovery of acidified: European surface waters

Wright, R.F., Larssen, T., Camarero, L., Cosby, B.J., Ferriere, R.C., Helliwell, R., Forsius, M., Jenkins, A., et al. (2005). Recovery of acidified: European surface waters. Environmental Science & Technology 39 (3) 64A-72A. 10.1021/es0531778.

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Twenty years after acid rain captured headlines and forced governments to act, acid deposition has now declined by ∼60% in Europe. Some lakes and streams have even begun to recover. Richard F. Wright and 13 colleagues from research institutes in Europe and the United States use models of 12 acid-sensitive regions to predict the continuing effect of declining acid deposition. Will all waters recover, or do acid-rain-causing emissions need to be reduced even more? And how long will the recovery take?

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Mitigation of Air Pollution (MAG)
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