Guranteed state estimation for dynamical systems: Ellipsoidal techniques

Kurzhanski, A., Sugimoto, K., & Valyi, I. (1994). Guranteed state estimation for dynamical systems: Ellipsoidal techniques. International Journal of Adaptive Control and Signal Processing 8 (1) 85-101. 10.1002/acs.4480080108.

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This paper gives a concise description of effective solutions to the guaranteed state estimation problems for dynamic systems with uncertain items being unknown but bounded. It indicates a rather unconventional, rigorous theory for these problems based on the notion of evolution equations of the ‘funnel’ type which could be further transformed - through exact ellipsoidal representations - into algorithmic procedures that allow effective simulation, particularly with computer graphics. the estimation problem is also interpreted as a problem of tracking a partially known system under incomplete measurements.

Mathematically, the technique described in this paper is based on a theory of set-valued evolution equations with the approximation of solutions formulated in terms of set-valued calculus by ellipsoidal-valued functions.

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