Calculating nitrogen deposition in Europe

Bartnicki, J. & Alcamo, J. (1989). Calculating nitrogen deposition in Europe. Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 47 (1-2) 101-123. 10.1007/BF00469001.

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Nitrogen deposition calculations for Europe were performed by separate models describing the long-range transport of ammonia and oxidized N. A linearized version of a non-linear atmospheric chemistry model was used for calculating oxidized N. Model computations were found to be consistent with the observed spatial pattern of wet nitrate deposition in Europe. Interannual meteorological variability was estimated to cause a typical year-to-year variation in annual oxidized N deposition of about 6 to 10%. Nitrogen deposition was computed for several NOx emissions reduction scenarios. These scenarios were derived from an OECD study and applied to the 27 largest countries in Europe. Most reduction scenarios affected the deposition pattern of oxidized N, but the most extreme NOx emission reduction scenario did not change very much the overall pattern of total (oxidized N plus ammonia N) N deposition. Depending on the desired level of environmental protection, it may be necessary to reduce ammonia emissions in addition to NOx emissions in order to reduce N deposition in Europe.

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