Linear Metabolism-Repair Systems

Casti, J. (1988). Linear Metabolism-Repair Systems. International Journal of General Systems 14 (2) 143-167. 10.1080/03081078808935001.

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Metabolism-repair systems represent a formal mathematical framework for representing characteristic properties of living systems such as repair, replication, adaptation and so forth. In this paper, the concrete realization of such structures is developed in the case when the system “metabolism” is linear. Explicit results are given to show when system repair operations can counteract environmental and metabolic fluctuations. Additional results pertaining to the replication operation and the possibility for ‘Lamarckian” inheritance are also given, together with a formal demonstration of the increase in complexity as we proceed from the processes of metabolism to repair to replication. The paper concludes with a discussion of several application areas, together with a consideration of several conceptual and mathematical questions requiring attention for further development of this non-Newtonian systems paradigm

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Metabolism-repair systems, linear systems, cellular models, replication
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