Models of Complete Expenditure Systems for India

Radhakrishna, R. & Murty, K.N. (1980). Models of Complete Expenditure Systems for India. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-80-098

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Because food production is one of the most decentralized activities of mankind, and nations are the largest units in which agricultural problems appear in their full complexity, the activities of the Food and Agriculture Program of IIASA are focused on the study of national food and agriculture systems. In order to study the world's food problems, a consistent set of national agricultural models is being developed. As a first step toward the realization of IIASA's objectives in modeling national food and agriculture systems, work has begun on the development of prototype models for countries representing various types of national agriculture systems.

Professor Kirit Parikh has developed a framework of the Indian agricultural policy model, as a prototype for Asian developing countries with limited food producing potential (RM-77-59).

The present report describes the modeling of a complete demand system for construction of an Indian Model. For the modeling of agricultural policy in a developing country, one needs a demand system that reflects the effect of income redistribution resulting from alternative government policies. This study, which describes an empirical estimation of such a complete demand system for India, is the second in a set of studies which are to give empirical substance to the framework of the policy model for India and which will be published as part of a Research Report summarizing the results of the Indian Agricultural Model. (The first one is a report describing the modeling of farm supply responses through empirical estimation.)

This study was initiated when Professor Radhakrishna visited IIASA, and was carried out together with Dr. Murty of the Sardar Patel Institute of Economic and Social Research, Ahmedabad, India.

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