The structure and behavior of defoliating insect/forest systems

McNamee, P. J., McLeod, J. M., & Holling, C.S. (1981). The structure and behavior of defoliating insect/forest systems. Researches on Population Ecology 23 (2) 280-298. 10.1007/BF02515631.

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Using four detailed and complex simulation models we derive a framework for predicting behavior of any defoliating insect/forest system. The framework uses simple and easily gathered biological information on four sets of state variables, each with a characteristic temporal scale, to predict presence, absence or form of key ecological processes acting on or between the variables. The combination of these key processes enables prediction of system equilibrium structure and this structure can be used to derive the temporal behavior of the system. Four qualitatively different classes of system behavior arise from the equilibrium structures.

The framework is tested against twelve other systems and field invalidation experiments are outlined. Forest defoliator research and management implications are discussed.

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