A General Outline of the Structure of a Simulation Model for Polish Agriculture

Podkaminer, L. (1980). A General Outline of the Structure of a Simulation Model for Polish Agriculture. IIASA Working Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: WP-80-026

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One of the main purposes of the Food and Agriculture Program at IIASA is to build a series of interconnected national agricultural models covering sufficiently large parts of the globe's food consumption, production and exchange.

Poland, being a big agricultural producer and having a noticeable share of the international food and feed market, deserves some attention in this context. Another important factor favoring the choice of Poland as a subject of modeling effort is the fact that the current specific problems of the Polish economy may resemble the ones that sooner or later are likely to face many medium-size countries that have not yet attained the highest level of industrialization. Among these problems are the heterogeneity of agricultural technologies, observed economic phenomena and organizational patterns, mixed structure of land ownership (large-scale public ventures are typical as small private farms) impending intensification of rural-urban migration and a high level of foreign indebtedness.

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