Applications of Catastrophe Theory to Water Quality Modelling -- A Review

Kempf, J. & Straten, G. van (1980). Applications of Catastrophe Theory to Water Quality Modelling -- A Review. IIASA Collaborative Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: CP-80-012

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Attention has recently been drawn to the potential for applications of catastrophe theory in the field of water quality modeling. The first author, being one of the first to work in this field, and the second author, representing the active interest of IIASA's Resources and Environment Area in new methods of systems analysis, have joined together to prepare a critical appraisal of the applications published so far. The review was completed during a short visit of the first author to IIASA within the framework of REN Area's Task 2 on Models for Environmental Control and Management. This Collaborative Paper reports on that brief review.

The reader who is not familiar with catastrophe theory will find it helpful to read the excellent tutorial paper on "Catastrophe Theory Applied to Ecological Systems" by Dixon D. Jones, published in "Simulation", July 1977, pp. 1-15, prior to reading this CP. Since the authors are still strongly interested in the topic discussed, they would be grateful for any kind of feedback from the reader.

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