The State of the Art in Global Modeling

Bruckmann, G. (1980). The State of the Art in Global Modeling. IIASA Collaborative Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: CP-80-011

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Ever since its foundation, IIASA has assumed a monitoring role in the field of Global Modeling. Whenever a major model reached a state of completion, a IIASA conference was convened in which this model was presented and discussed by a (rapidly emerging) "Global Modeling Community" of scholars actively or passively working on global models or problems of global modeling.

The 6th IIASA Global Modeling Conference, held at IIASA 17-20 October 1978, was different in scope in as far as it was mainly devoted to an assessment of the state-of-the-art. The first (major) part of the conference was organized around seven major topics (rather than models); all contributions and papers pertaining to this first part have been incorporated into a book, probably to appear under the title "Groping in the Dark".

The second part of the Conference was, as usually, devoted to a presentation and discussion of ongoing modeling work. It is the papers belonging to this second part which should have been assembled in a separate volume. It deserves to be emphasized that these papers should not merely be considered an appendix to "Groping in the Dark"; from what was said above, it should be clear that the second part of the Conference was sufficiently independent from the first part to warrant a publication per se. As the 7th IIASA Global Modeling Conference was devoted to a special problem (environmental aspects in global models) and the 8th Conference will again be devoted to a special problem (international economic modeling), these papers represent a rather comprehensive overview of all major methodological and practical work recently done in global modeling or, in other words, the latest somewhat complete assembly of reports on global modeling work available for sometime to come.

Unfortunately, for technical reasons it has been impossible to publish these papers -- covering some 800 pages -- in traditional form. IIASA must limit itself to making all papers not published elsewhere available to an interested scientific community in the form of microfiche.

This Collaborative Paper, therefore, gives only a list of these papers, plus background information about the Conference. Microfiche copies of the individual papers are available on request from the IIASA Publications Department, A-2361 Laxenburg, Austria (;

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