A Model to Estimate Sediment Yield from Field-Sized Areas: Development of Model

Foster, G.R., Lane, L.J., Nowlin, J.D., Laflen, J.M., & Young, R.A. (1980). A Model to Estimate Sediment Yield from Field-Sized Areas: Development of Model. IIASA Collaborative Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: CP-80-010

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A tool for evaluating sediment yield from field-sized areas is needed for planning management practices to control sediment yield. We developed a reasonably simple simulation model which incorporates fundamental principles of erosion, deposition, and sediment transport mechanics. The model summarizes the state-of-the-art in erosion and sediment yield modeling with appropriate simplifications required to couple the governing equations.

Limited testing showed that the procedures developed here give improved estimates over the Universal Soil Loss Equation. Specific components of the model were tested using experimental data from overland flow, erodible channel, and impoundment studies. These results suggest that the model produces reasonable estimates of erosion, sediment transport, and deposition under a variety of circumstances common to field-scale areas.

Alternative management practices such as conservation tillage, terracing, and contouring can be evaluated separately or in combination to determine their influence on sediment yield. Given a particular location with specified characteristics for climate, soils, topography, and crops, the model provides a means of evaluating alternative management practices to suit a particular farming operation.

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