What is Systems Analysis?

Miser, H.J. (1980). What is Systems Analysis? IIASA Professional Paper. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: PP-80-009

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The well-informed citizen of our time is concerned about the problems of society, and he feels that, somehow or other, science and technology should aid in solving them. On the one hand, his view of science is probably conditioned by the artifacts that technology has produced--air and space craft, automobiles, radio and television, electrical appliances, pocket computers, large technical enterprises and their products; on the other, he is also aware of the unhappy effects of some of this technology--air and water pollution, environmental threats from pesticides and fertilizers, chemical carcinogens. This new technology has been accompanied by marked changes in social and economic systems, and they have been accompanied by undesirable dislocations and unfortunate effects.

In the face of this conflicting picture of the desirable and the undesirable, society expects science and technology to playa constructive role in improving the lot of mankind. How can this expectation be met?

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