A National Policy Model for the Hungarian Food and Agriculture Sector

Csaki, C. (1981). A National Policy Model for the Hungarian Food and Agriculture Sector. IIASA Research Report. IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria: RR-81-023

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The development at IIASA of the Hungarian Agricultural Model (HAM), as a prototype of models of centrally planned food and agriculture systems was completed at the end of 1979. The model is a joint undertaking of the Food and Agriculture Program at IIASA and three institutes in Hungary. The results of the entire three-year HAM project are summarized in this paper. HAM is a descriptive, recursive simulation model describing the Hungarian food and agriculture system as a disaggregated part of an economic system closed at the national and international levels. The model, which will ultimately become one of a system of interconnected models, is structured according to the major elements of the centrally planned food and agriculture systems. Two spheres are differentiated within the model. The government economic management and planning submodel describes the decision making and control activities of the government. The production submodel deals with the fulfillment of central plan targets, covering the whole national economy. The general structure of the model and its mathematical description are discussed first. Two versions of HAM have in fact been produced. HAM-1 is a relatively aggregated model (10 food and agricultural commodities are considered); HAM-2 is more disaggregated (45 commodities are considered) and further refined. The two models are described in separate parts of the report, together with the results of the validation procedure and the conclusions of the actual calculations.

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