IIASA Reports Advances in Multiregional Demography, 4(1):i-viii,1-198 (July-September 1981)

(1981). IIASA Reports Advances in Multiregional Demography, 4(1):i-viii,1-198 (July-September 1981). IIASA Report. IIASA, Laxenburg Austria: IA-81-401

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The papers in this volume deal with problems concerning data and measurement, methods of constructing life tables, population projections, analyses of migration patterns and age profiles, aggregation procedures, and the evolutionary dynamics of populations experiencing changing rates of natural increase and migration. The authors are all members of an international group of scholars studying national problems of human settlement at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA).

The papers presented comprise:

-- P. Kitsul and D. Philipov, "The One-year/Five-year Migration Problem;"

-- J. Ledent, "Constructing Multiregional Life Tables using Place-of-Birth Specific Migration Data;"

-- D. Philipov and A. Rogers, "Multistate Population Projections;"

-- F. Willekens, A. Por, and R. Raquillet, "Entropy, Multiproportional, and Quadratic Techniques for Inferring Patterns of Migration from Aggregate Data;"

-- A. Rogers and L.J. Castro, "Age Patterns of Migration: Cause-specific Profiles;"

-- Y.J. Kim, "Multiregional Zero-growth Populations with Changing Rates;"

-- R. Gibberd, "Aggregation of Population Projection Models."

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