IIASA Reports, 3(2):237-474 (Completing Volume 3) (April-June 1981)

(1981). IIASA Reports, 3(2):237-474 (Completing Volume 3) (April-June 1981). IIASA Report. IIASA, Laxenburg Austria: IA-81-302

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This volume, which completes Volume 3, contains five papers on IIASA research, as well as an overview of "Energy in a Finite World," IIASA's study of global energy supply and demand through 2030.

The five papers are:

-- N.S.S. Narayana and K.S. Parikh, "Estimation of Farm Supply Response and Acreage Allocation: A Case Study of Indian Agriculture;"

-- M. Breitenecker and H.-R. Gruemm, "Economic Evolutions and Their Resilience: A Model;"

-- H.-D. Haustein, H. Maier, and L. Uhlmann, "Innovation and Efficiency;"

-- L. Bergman and L. Ohlsson, "Changes in Comparative Advantages and Paths of Structural Adjustment and Growth in Sweden, 1975-2000;"

-- A. Propoi and I. Zimin, "Dynamic Linear Programming Models of Energy, Resource, and Economic Development Systems."

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