Energy and CO2 emission data uncertainties

Macknick, J. (2011). Energy and CO2 emission data uncertainties. Carbon Management 2 (2) 189-205. 10.4155/CMT.11.10.

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There can be substantial differences in the estimates of global and national primary energy statistics and CO2 emission inventories that are published annually by organizations that are independent of the International Panel on Climate Change. This review analyzes the sources of discrepancies from reports published by international organizations, government agencies and private companies that are commonly referenced in analyses of primary energy statistics and CO2 emissions. National and global estimates of CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion are based directly on estimates of primary energy use, which varied by 9.2% (43 EJ) globally for the year 2007. The resulting CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion varied by 2.7% (786 MtCO2) for the same year. Depending on which data sources are used, national trends in energy intensity and carbon
intensity may appear to be increasing or decreasing. This review identifies and compares the assumptions of the major energy statistics and CO2 emissions estimates to facilitate more comprehensive and consistent comparisons and analyses of the most recent published data.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Energy; CO2 emissions; grrenhouse gases (GHG); climate change; fossil fuels
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